Chilean police arrest three Bolivian soldiers in Colchane

The three Bolivian soldiers arrested in the Colchane border region in the past few hours are staying in Chile until one for Saturday, Nov.

The troops attended a hearing on Wednesday at which the Pozo Almonte Guarantee Court decided to accept the Tamarugal Ministry’s request to remain in custody for an additional three days for alleged theft of a vehicle with intimidation and gun carrying.

During the performance, Tamarugal’s chief prosecutor Hardy Torres stated, according to a press release from the country’s prosecutor’s office, that the three soldiers were arrested this morning as police officers working in the city of Pisiga. on patrol, Carpa, was alerted by two people who reported having their vehicles stolen.

“The Pozo Almonte surety court welcomes the request from the State Ministry and has extended the detention of Bolivian soldiers. The formalization hearing has been scheduled for Saturday, September 11th (sic),” said a publication by the Chilean judicial authority.

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At the hearing, it was reported that the police, accompanied by the victims, found the buried trucks – one with multiple gunshot wounds in the body – and also found another victim indicating that Bolivian soldiers shot him and stole his Toyota Vehicle and recently left the site for the Salar de Coipasa.

“The prosecutor reported that the Carabineros were advancing towards the salt flats and found three vehicles, one of which had the same characteristics as the one stolen from the last victim, and tried to control them, but they started to flee, shot at the police and directed an exchange of fire that finally managed to reach only the Toyota vehicle in which the three soldiers were detained with weapons in their possession and the other two cars managed to escape to Bolivia, ”the document added.

The request to extend the military’s detention for a period of three days is for the completion of some pending litigation such as planimetric, photographic, ballistic and cartographic reports and fact reconstitution.

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During their detention, the uniformed men are in the custody of the Chilean gendarmerie.

From Bolivia, the Ministry of Defense confirmed that the military is part of the Joint Task Force “Bravo” Huachacalla and is conducting an operation to seize vehicles that have illegally entered Bolivian territory in the Pisiga – Colchane sector. He also announced that diplomatic channels would be activated to “overcome this unfortunate impasse”.

The Minister of the Interior and Public Security of Chile, Rodrigo Delgado, described the events as a “serious” fact, while the Mayor of Colchane, Javier García, announced that he would put forward measures to help the administration of Sebastián Piñera to find a solution to the problem to prevent through the diplomatic channel.


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