Bolivian military wounded on the border with Chile are stable and greet silence

A soldier who was injured in the border incident that occurred in the Chilean city of Colchane on Wednesday is stationed at a private clinic in Oruro. The uniformed man made use of his right to remain silent.

On Wednesday, three soldiers were arrested by Carabineros in Colchane, Chile, on charges of stealing vehicles and using weapons of war. The Bolivian government replied that the troops were working to combat smuggling and reported that a fourth soldier was wounded with a firearm and managed to reach the country.

Oruro Prosecutor Gonzalo Álvarez said the soldier was in the Natividad clinic and had a gunshot wound.

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“We are aware of the police report relating to a phone call from staff at a hospital center that it became known that a male was injured by a firearm bullet. The police went and tried to investigate the reasons for the injury, but said the intern did not want to provide any details. This was referred to the concert of the public prosecutor’s office and this background is being analyzed, ”the prosecutor told Radio Fides.

He claimed the investigation was ongoing and that the judicial authorities were already aware of the case.


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