Bolivian families affected by the fire in Iquique receive consular help

The Bolivian consul in Chile, Eloy Poma, announced on Tuesday that work is being carried out on the registration of the Bolivian families affected by the major fire in the Laguna Verde camp in Iquique in order to provide them with the help they need.

“Today we went to two schools they are staying in, the Spanish school and the Chipana school. Right now, I’m in the Chipana school and I’m still collecting data from our Bolivian compatriots,” he said.

According to preliminary information gathered in the early afternoon hours on Tuesday, around 300 people from Bolivian families have been affected by the insatiable fire that is consuming all of their homes.

“By the afternoon, more or less, we registered 154 people between adults and children, who would make up about 40 families. That is almost official information, so here at Chipana School, which is the other center of the animal shelter, we are working at the moment and it is difficult for us because there are people who have gone to the same place of capture (settlements), “he said.

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According to estimates by the consular authority, the number of affected Bolivian families would reach 90 after the information registration was completed.

“We estimate that around 80 to 90 Bolivian families would be affected by this fire. The sector is a take, they call it the settlements, we would say public land that was irregularly built up of wood and iron, so the fire destroyed all the houses, our compatriots have practically nothing left, “he said.

He highlighted the immediate response from the Iquique parish and the support from fellow citizens. “There is a lot of help with food, food, especially clothing, there is a lot, Chileans, compatriots are involved,” he said.

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He also reported on the meeting with the Chilean Minister for Social Development to give compatriots access to a social housing program.

“She was here in person in Iquique, so of course we demanded that our compatriots should not be excluded and that the Chilean government should also support them, so she told us that we should accredit, document and go ahead with implementing this social housing program for our compatriots, they told us, “he said.

“There are many compatriots who found themselves in an irregular situation, migration language, so of course they did not come to schools to seek protection, but looked for other alternatives so that we could cope with tomorrow’s course, because we believe that we as a state institution have a duty to help them, regardless of their immigration status here in Chile, “he added.


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