Bolivia will not receive any further doses of the Sputnik V and AstraZeneca vaccines

The Bolivian government has decided not to receive any further doses from Sputnik V and AstraZeneca despite the signed contracts, since the purchase of the Sinopharm vaccines means that the dose quantity required for the entire vaccinable population is already available.

“We have received 1,235,000 first doses, we still have to do about 900,000 second doses of Sputnik V. It would no longer make sense to bring more doses of Sputnik V with you, since with the other part of the vaccine portfolio we have practically guaranteed what we have to 100% of the vaccineable population. We had signed the contract to supply 1.7 million vaccines in March, but this was not possible, the doses were arriving in fewer quantities. We were not deployed within the deadlines and were forced to work with other companies to correct the shortage of vaccines, ”said Blanco.

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Regarding the AstraZeneca vaccines coming from India, the vice minister said a single dose had not arrived due to the closure of exports by the country where the serum institute is located.

Blanco stated that the contracts will not be fully fulfilled as the connection with Russia was 5.2 million doses, while AstraZeneca’s vaccinations did not arrive due to force majeure and the contract was terminated, according to Blanco, who explained the situation earlier.


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