Bolivia sees Covid-19 cases rise 21% in the past week

The escalation of cases continues. Health Minister Jeyson Auza reported today that Bolivia had seen coronavirus infections rise by 21% in the past week.

Auza said that in the last week to November 13, Bolivia had seen a 924 increase from the previous week.

The Minister of Health also reported that there had been an increase in infections in the country’s nine departments under the following detail: La Paz (+ 73%), Santa Cruz (+ 1%), Beni (+ 156%), Pando (+ 50 %), Cochabamba (+ 48%), Chuquisaca (+ 18%), Tarija (+ 35%), Potosí (+ 69%) and Oruro (+ 51%).

However, Auza also highlighted the sharp drop in deaths from Covid-19 in Bolivia. He recalled that in the first wave it reached 6.2%, that is, on average 6 out of 100 infected people lost their lives; in the second wave the death rate was 2.7% and in the third wave 2.8%.

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He assured that at the beginning of the fourth epidemiological wave, the death rate had so far been 0.8%, “a drastic reduction,” he emphasized.

According to the official report from the Ministry of Health, Bolivia registers 523,485 cases of coronavirus on Sunday November 14th.

Of these, 21,724 remain active, 482,744 patients recovered from the disease and 19,017 died from the virus.


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