Bolivia sees cases rise by 7% and Auza asks for vaccination to mitigate the fourth wave

The Ministry of Health and Sports reported this Monday in its epidemiological report for the 40th week that there had been an increase of 167 cases nationwide compared to the previous week, an increase in cases of 7%. He called for cases to avoid escalating and for mitigating a fourth wave by going to the anticovid vaccination centers.

“This is not a significant increase, but it should serve so that institutions and the population in general can redouble our efforts and avoid a significant escalation and mitigate the effects of an eventual fourth wave by going to mass vaccination centers and our doors to the vaccination brigades “said Health Minister Jeyson Auza.

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In epidemiological week 40 there was a nationwide increase of 167 cases compared to the previous week; A total of 2,556 cases have been recorded, a lower number than the 19,613 identified at the height of the third wave, he said.

According to Auza, this epidemiological week saw a 7% increase in cases. The departments that reported this increase are Santa Cruz with 1,134 cases, representing 44% nationally; Chuquisaca with 240 cases, an increase of 32%; La Paz had 486 cases, an increase of 26%; and Oruro has 84 cases, up 24% from the previous week when 68 were presented.

He added that the de-escalation departments are as follows: Beni, with a decrease of -71%; Tarija has a decrease of 23%; Potosí with a decrease of 12% and Cochabamba shows a decrease of -2% compared to the previous week.

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