Bolivia reports 8,857 new cases of Covid-19

Epidemiological report 666 of that day informs that 18,277 tests have been performed; of these, 8,857 were positive and 9,420 were rejected.

The patients recovered from Covid-19 are 6,343 that day, according to the massive diagnosis

The register of recovered patients by department is as follows: 5,710 in Santa Cruz, 183 in Cochabamba, 169 in La Paz, 44 in Chuquisaca, 156 in Tarija, 1 in Potosí, 3 in Oruro, 76 in Beni and 1 in Pando.

The new infections of this day are: Santa Cruz 3,992, Cochabamba 1,666, La Paz 546, Chuquisaca 821, Tarija 1,135, Potosí 196, Oruro 192, Beni 254 and Pando 55.

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Likewise, the report reports that 16 people died that day and the death rate so far has reached 0.6%.

The free Covid-19 hotline 800 10 1104 monitors 4,297 people who are suspected of carrying the disease.


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