Bolivia expresses concern about the situation in Afghanistan

The Bolivian government expressed concern about the recent events in Afghanistan and called for all forms of aggression against the Afghan people to be avoided, for the lives of all their inhabitants to be protected and for peaceful solutions to be sought.

“The plurinational state of Bolivia expresses its concern, calls on all parties to avoid all kinds of aggression against the population and, above all, to protect the lives of civilians and to seek peaceful solutions to the differences,” it says in one part Declaration issued by the Federal Foreign Office.

Bolivia urged the Afghan authorities and those in power in that country to protect the lives of its people, restore security and civil order, keep the borders open for those who choose to leave the country and enter humanitarian aid.

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“We call for international human rights and humanitarian law to be respected,” the statement said.

The Bolivian statement comes after it became known that Taliban fighters had recaptured the capital of Afghanistan and usurped power in that country.


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