Bolivia ended the month with 36,723 active cases of Covid-19

Bolivia closes the month of August with 36,723 active cases of Covid-19. On that day, the Ministry of Health reported 412 new infections with Covid-19, 1,232 recovered and 23 deaths in one day.

The departments that reported the most cases were Santa Cruz with 111, Tarija with 77, La Paz with 76 and Cochabamba with 64, while in the other five regions the infections ranged from 0 to 31.

The number of cumulative cases reaches 490,879, of which 435,704 overcame the disease and 18,452 people lost their lives.


To date, 3,253,313 people have received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and 2,766,347 have completed their vaccination schedule, the Ministry of Health reported.

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There is a total of 7.2 million vaccinable population in Bolivia and it is necessary to reach 70% vaccination to achieve herd immunization.


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