Bolivia Celebrates 11 Weeks Of De-escalation Of Covid-19 Infections;  there are 37,566 active cases

Bolivia reached week 11 of de-escalation of Covid-19 cases, with infections falling by 20 percent, Health Minister Jeyson Auza reported in time to present the results recorded between August 21 and 28 this year.

“This epidemiological week 34 shows us that we are in the eleventh week of sustained de-escalation at the national level. Epidemiological de-escalation is the sustained reduction in the weekly growth rate of the cases, in addition to a continuous reduction. And that happened in our country for several weeks, “he said.

Auza also recalled the importance of vaccination coverage to “mitigate the negative effects of a fourth wave of the pandemic”.

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In the case of the advance of mass vaccination, Auza pointed out that 46 municipalities achieved a vaccination coverage between 60 and 80%, while 65 municipalities achieved an average of 40 and 60%; 133 achieved between 20 and 40%.

“Very worrying are 88 communities out of 336 in the country that have vaccination coverage between 0 and 20 percent,” he said.

Auza announced that mobile cooling teams will reach more places with the anticovid vaccines.

“In this battle of all, we want to announce that we will be supplying mobile refrigeration equipment so that communities can carry the vaccines,” he said.

On that day, the Ministry of Health reported 411 new infections with Covid-19, 1,119 recovered and 18 deaths. Bolivia has 37,566 active cases.

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Santa Cruz and Tarija are the departments with the most infections with 166 and 71 cases, respectively. Cochabamba recorded 69 cases; LaPaz38; Potosi 34; Chuquisaca 27; Oruro 2; Beni3; and Pando 1.

With these data, the number of accumulated cases since March last year reaches 490,467, of which 434,472 patients recovered and 18,429 people lost their lives.


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