Bolivia breaks another infection record with more than 14,000 positive Covid-19

Bolivia broke the infection record again with 14,063 new Covid-19 cases and 47 deaths. La Paz, Cochabamba, Tarija, Chuquisaca beat their records that day, while Santa Cruz presented a “slowdown” in infections.

The new infections of this day are: Santa Cruz 4,552, Cochabamba 2,601, La Paz 1,412, Chuquisaca 1,671, Tarija 1,710, Potosí 683, Oruro 920, Beni 418 and Pando 96.

The 668 epidemiological report from that day shows that 3,839 patients have recovered from Covid-19 and have been discharged; According to the massive diagnosis that day, 28,041 tests were performed, 14,063 gave positive results, and 13,978 were discarded.

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The report, issued by the National Epidemiology Directorate of the Ministry of Health and Sports, states that the cumulative national number of recovered patients to date is 568,279.

The register of recovered patients by department is as follows: 3,146 in Santa Cruz, 164 in Cochabamba, 212 in La Paz, 33 in Chuquisaca, 154 in Tarija, 10 in Potosí, 35 in Oruro, 0 in Beni and 85 in Pando.


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