BoA suspends flight 767 due to power failure

Boliviana de Aviación (BoA) has postponed the flight, which should take off from Miami to Santa Cruz, due to power outages. The departure was scheduled for Sunday, but due to failures the plane was supposed to take off today.

“Yesterday’s flight 767 from Miami to Santa Cruz was canceled after many hours of waiting and damaging the aircraft. There have been more than four times that the aircraft has been parked and backed up while passengers boarded, ”said Andrea Zambrana in contact with Gigavisión.

As described in detail, there had been outages for three days. He also questioned that BoA staff failed to provide responses to the allegations.

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They also regretted that the officers did not have an emergency plan, so passengers waited at the airport for about 24 hours.

Another passenger said she was ashamed to say the airline is Bolivian.


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