Blockages due to conflicts with the Resource Allocation Act isolate Tarija

Farmers and other sectors are blocking Tarija at least eight access points due to a conflict over the departmental budget allocation law.

According to the information, the police are reporting blockades in the Pajchani tunnel, the Tomatitas bridge, the Tarija-Padcaya-Bermejo motorway, at the intersection to El Valle, outside Santa Bárbara and at the Bermejo International Bridge.

The conflict began on December 18, when the government of Tarija and the legislative assembly of the department enacted Law 443, which provides for the allocation of 1% of the department’s resources to the mayors, but without any independent encumbrance. This standard replaces Law 206, which was enacted in the previous administration.

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The rural sectors and some mayors rejected the 1% law and are calling for the previous regulations to be reinstated.

The governor of the department of Tarija, Oscar Montes, stated at the time that Law 443 both the amount of 1% and the determination of the funds for the municipalities of Cercado, Bermejo, Padcaya, San Lorenzo, Uriondo, Entre Ríos, Yunchará. and El Puente, who will continue to receive these funds for health, education, production and basic services, but the number of automatic debits will be eliminated, which has led to a series of abuses by some mayors who have withdrawn more than due and in this way People of the same age from other communities have suffered damage.

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This Tuesday, the governor’s administrative secretary, Jorge Bacotich, filed a formal complaint with the state ministry against some of the people who led the roadblocks, the department’s prosecutor Elizabeth Gutiérrez told El País de Tarija.

The blockade is costing the department millions in losses, and there have also been attacks today between those who want the law to be reinstated and those who defend the norm.


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