Blanco reports that a batch of 125,000 second cans of Sputnik V will arrive tomorrow

Vice Minister for Foreign Trade Benjamin Blanco confirmed today that the second batch of 125,000 second doses of Sputnik V will arrive in Bolivia tomorrow to further vaccinate the people who have already received the first component.

Blanco said the second doses of the Sputnik-V vaccine will be picked up in Moscow because delivery is made in small batches and such small quantities cannot be brought into the country.

“The second dose, the second batch that we’re going to receive this week will arrive tomorrow. There are 125 thousand cans. This way we have already met the batch of 200,000 that had the delay. The people who were vaccinated with this batch had to wait 15 to 17 days, ”said Blanco in an interview with the program A Media Mañana de Los Tiempos and Grupo Centro.

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The deputy minister assured that the deliveries that will be made by tomorrow are expected to complete the schedules of those who received the first vaccination more than 90 days ago.

He also said that people who received the first doses less than three months ago will receive the second immunizer at the scheduled time.

Are you traveling to Europe with the Sinopharm or Sputnik V vaccine?

Although Sinopharm vaccines are approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) for emergency use, neither these nor the Sputnik-V vaccines have a “permit” in the European Union to enter these countries.

In this context, Blanco pointed out that non-compliance with the doses allowed in Europe is not an obstacle to travel.

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The deputy minister reported that you can enter European countries with a negative PCR test, a medical certificate confirming your condition after contracting Covid-19 or not having the virus.


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