Bishops point out that the judicial reform in the country cannot be postponed and ask for reconciliation

The Bolivian Bishops’ Conference claimed that judicial reform in the country cannot be postponed and that, once it has been reformed, it will be the only one that can guarantee the rule of law and democracy. In addition, through a declaration on reconciliation and peace for the Bolivian citizens who have been confronted with the issue of Jeanine Áñez in the last few days.

“A real reform of the system that restores the transparent, impartial and independent administration of justice can no longer be postponed; Only in this way can the rule of law and democracy, the dignity of every human being and the common good be guaranteed ”, it says in the declaration published by the CEB.

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The bishop’s note added that for the reform of the judiciary and its operators it was necessary to reach a national agreement between all political actors in the country.

“This requires a broad national agreement in which all political and social sectors are represented in a spirit of dialogue, peace and respect,” says one part of the document.

The document also indicates that the country’s judiciary has become “a tool of vengeance” and that human rights violations are publicly known.

“It is public knowledge, the ignorance of the rights and freedoms typical of a constitutional state in a democracy through the judiciary that has become a tool for revenge in the hands of those in power,” says part of the reference.

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Regarding former President Jeanine Áñez, the bishops’ document states that her legal situation is worrying because of the violation of her right to defend herself freely and that she saw a “lack of compassion” in her treatment in Miraflores prison where he has been in preventive detention since March.

“With regard to the case of Ms. Jeanine Áñez, former President of Bolivia, her situation is particularly worrying as her rights to free and due defense and merciless treatment have been violated.”

He also called for “all citizens must work together to reconcile and create a fraternal and peaceful atmosphere, leaving aside the divisions, even verbal violence, and looking for what binds us together,” the message reads.


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