Bishops criticize the use of justice as an instrument of vengeance

The Bolivian bishops criticize the Bolivian judicial system and assure that it has become a “tool of revenge” in the hands of those in power and that it ignores the independence of the powers that be.

The bishops also advocated former President Jeanine Áñez, questioning the apparent violation of her right to free defense, due process and the way she is currently being treated “mercifully”.

“You can no longer ignore the fundamental rights recognized in our constitution (by Áñez) and ignore the principle of the presumption of innocence; even less to use it arbitrarily, ”reads the Church’s declaration.

The bishops also observe “ruthless treatment” in the face of the deteriorating physical and mental health of the former president.

They expressed concern about the current human rights situation in the country and stated that the “manipulation of the administration of justice” had created tension and division among the population. “It is the public knowledge, the ignorance of the rights and freedoms typical of a constitutional state in a democracy through the judicial system, which in the hands of those in power has become a tool of revenge, which ignores the independence of powers, seriously damages democracy and so on causes defenselessness and suffering to many citizens, ”said the declaration of the Bolivian bishops.

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They affirm that reform of the judicial system can no longer be postponed in order to regain its transparency, impartiality and independence. “Only in this way can the rule of law and democracy, the dignity of every human being and the common good, the unity and the true and full development of our society be guaranteed,” they argue.

Regarding the situation of former President Jeanine Áñez, they assure her that she is concerned about the apparent violation of her right to defend herself freely, due to due process and the way she is currently being treated.

International support

Meanwhile, more than 260 social and political leaders from 22 countries issued a statement calling on the Bolivian government for former President Áñez to struggle freely and immediately visit a medical center to pay attention to her precarious health.

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“The world is watching with dismay the way in which the Bolivian government persecutes dissidents. It is an opportune occasion to ask the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the democratic governments of the region and human rights organizations for a statement and concrete action to address the abuse of former President Áñez and hundreds of dissidents in the hemisphere, ”the statement of support said.

Thank you Áñez for the support

Jeanine Áñez, former president who was preemptively detained for the alleged coup, thanked those who stand up for the defense in freedom and said: “Only God will free us from oppression.”

“Thanks to all Bolivians who pray together for the release of all political prisoners in the country. Again, only God will deliver us from oppression. Thank you for accompanying Carolina (Ribera, her daughter). From my imprisonment I will be in prayer, ”emphasized ñez. The woman accompanied the message along with the video showing her daughter’s call to the day of prayer, which was fulfilled in Plaza 24 de Septiembre.


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