Baptista: TSE avoided complaints that kept MAS out of elections

The former spokesman for the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), Rosario Baptista Canedo, condemns in a detailed public letter that the electoral body decided not to deal with two reasons that could have determined the lifting of the legal status of the MAS illegal authorization of Evo Morales as a candidate, the mistreatment of women in electoral positions, the appointment of staff without a public tender, the lack of access to election information, the structuring of the percentage allocation by political organizations, but among other things for the benefit of a party.

Baptista’s “My Commitment to Bolivia” declaration once again reveals the doubts that persist in the way the Supreme Electoral Court operates by agreeing details, despite the disqualifications expressed in a press conference by the Chamber of Deputies Actions of the college.

He points out that over the past 15 years there has been a consolidation of a single party at national level, in addition to another 10 with various flaws, but that this shows that the “political party system is practically non-existent”.

“There is only one party. And for this unique party, the Supreme Electoral Court decided not to process a lawsuit. (…) In this specific case, the existence of two reasons that could have led to the dissolution of his legal personality was denounced, one for the use of state property for the election campaign of Evo Morales and the other for an explicit discrimination in the MAS statute approved in 2012 -IPSP, which stipulates that only party members have access to public functions. On a second occasion, where the same risk existed, the same party confessed that the provision which, in an earlier election, removed the legal personality of a Beni political organization a few days before election day was unconstitutional, and this was officially recognized by the Constitutional Court, that found a way out on the previous occasion to avoid it, “he says.

It points out that the MAS stated as early as 2012 in its organ statute in paragraph c of its article 61 that “it is not: invited, neutral or independent in the intended positions, national, departmental, regional and local all and all” members or Militants of the MAS-IPSP ”.

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Baptista affirms that there could be many reasons for not dealing with this complaint, but “none of them warrant failure to meet our obligations”.

“I was accused in the Chamber of fabricating the pending lawsuit, they forgot that I was going from one address to another without anyone wanting to deal with it. The investigation was carried out; The evidence was obtained, not legalized, because the officials responsible were threatened, the ministers on duty refused to release it, all during the interim government. Today this complaint is still in progress, many others filed for the same purpose have been resolved, but for other reasons and for no good reason they have all been resolved in a timely manner; not this one, ”states the declaration.

New standard

He notes that “the problem is not just whether it was fraud or not” because there is no real transparency and that doubt has always been there. He points out that a request was made for a new register on the street, created in 2009, and the spurious means of its formation also created doubts that were never dispelled and left the door open to uncertainty about its legitimacy. And more than 10 years later we are at the same point with the same doubts, after another questioned election in 2014, the shameful 2019 and the supposedly exemplary 2020 ”.

“In the technological, legal and judicial fields, it avoids opening the sources to allow observation, surveillance and real and effective citizen control; they claim an act of faith by the people to justify the lack of institutional transparency. You don’t want to go into the Padrón’s “archeology”. They want to convince of the integrity of the register with public relations work, slides and exhibitions. Technology must be open at all times and permanently, subject to public control. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be. The confidentiality clauses only create doubts, ”he says.

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“If the system can’t manipulate the results in its favor, it just ignores them, as it did in the 2016 referendum, in violation of the CPE and the law. Not just the TSE itself, which empowered Morales for the third time in 2014 and the fourth time in 2019, but also the TCP in 2014, 2016 and 2019, and this was done by politicians holding elections with a candidate that was absolutely illegal without questioning anything. They legitimized it with their presence; the same thing that is now being asked of me to legitimize the deeds of this TSE, which benefited my dissident position to simulate a “balanced” conformation, and citizens legitimize it with our voice that they do not want when it is Respect is not convenient for them, “he says.


In her letter, former spokeswoman Rosario Baptista points out that the appointment of staff must be made by public notice, but that in her absence for vacation more than 60 people have been hired without checking the requirements, all positions have been “under the baton” of the newly arrived vowel (Dina Chuquimia). ”She also points out that she has expressed her dissent in the” takeover “of the electoral body in relation to the statute of the MAS, with which she not only the electoral body, but the appropriating the entire state with insolence, which states that there are no neutral or independent authorities in any state institution.

Pressure from the rulers

“Those holding positions in positions that require independence and impartiality have two avenues: either joining the party, making monthly contributions and accepting the necessary consultation with their national directorate to make decisions, or leaving. Unless, as the members say, the militants disagree and submit the “appropriate measures to determine their unconstitutionality”, which should have been determined by the TSE. You have made your decision and you will stay. We know under what conditions the statute they register says, ”wrote former spokeswoman Rosario Baptista.


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