Baptista leaves and warns that TSE will be submitted and MAS

Electoral member Rosario Baptista Canedo resigned from the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) and urged the President of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly, David Choquehuanca Céspedes, with a letter dated Nov.

The vowel names at least six reasons for turning away from the TSE. In the first, he recalls that he came into office during a serious crisis and that his mission was to comply with the Constitution and the law. In the second, he denounces the loss of independence.

“The mandate that the people have given me in the electoral body is impossible to fulfill due to their submission to the authoritarian tendency.”

On the third point, he denounces that a system was created in which “the ruling party will never lose” and that it has control over all state organs “in order to give people the illusion that they live in a democracy”.

“To dismantle this whole system in which the MAS never loses an election, an independent electoral body is needed,” he said.

In the fourth point she denounces that she is being politically harassed. “I am the subject of two disciplinary proceedings for which I have been illegally suspended in the course of my duties.”

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In the fifth reason, he declares that “she is not ready to be an accomplice to this whole system”. He confirmed: “I see it as my duty to submit my resignation to the office that I am exercising on behalf of the ALP”.

On the sixth point, he calls on Vice President David Choquehuanca to “restore dignity to the people,” as he said in his possession.

Baptista was appointed a member of the ALP on December 19, 2019 following the political crisis sparked by the indictment of irregularities identified by the OAS observation team. Together with the team around Salvador Romero, he carried out the 2020 elections.

In November 2020, he sent a letter to the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, requesting an audit of the electoral register.

In September he expressed his rejection of the MAS statute on the grounds that it violated the state’s political constitution. However, the rest of the members have ratified it.

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As a result of the first complaint, the TSE processed it and initiated a second procedure because it had not complied with the request for a written report from MAS MP Ramiro Venegas. He put it on hold for 22 days.

Venegas also convicted Baptista and former TSE president Salvador Romero.


Mayor Iván Arias reiterated yesterday that the resignation of electoral member Rosario Baptista shows the institutional weakening of the TSE, which is beginning to doubt its credibility.

“We want strong, credible, democratic institutions, but the resignation of the member shows that the institutions are weakened internally because it seems that more than the common good prevails, the partisan good outweighs,” said Arias.

The Senator from Creemos Centa Rek confirmed that Baptista’s resignation shows that the electoral body does not have the conditions to hold clean and democratic elections in the country.

MAS MP Ramiro Venegas denied that the decisions of the TSE would be interfered with.


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