Auza: Vaccination of children opens up the possibility of returning to classroom teaching

Vaccinating children between the ages of 5 and 11 opens up the possibility of returning to face-to-face classes in 2022, said Health Minister Jeyson Auza.

The Sinopharm vaccine will be used in this age group from today. The Chinese biological process would be most effective for children between the ages of five and eleven, Auza told Unitel, emphasizing that it requires parental or guardian signature to be administered to the beneficiary. .

“There is no single goal, there are many goals. Firstly, to give the children the opportunity to protect the possibility of returning to school as well as possible; this generates optimism,” the agency told the television station.

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Infants to be vaccinated must have parental or guardian consent, show their ID, and be accompanied by an adult.

“It is an ongoing effort and vaccination is something that, in addition to protecting the health of our children, may regain that vital right to personal education,” said Auza.

Auza said that following President Arce’s announcement, instructions have been sent to all headquarters in the country to start vaccinating this age group consisting of children.

“Sinopharm vaccines are already available across the country to start vaccinating for people over the age of five. We have already drawn up the instructions for all the headquarters of the departments, ”said Auza.

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The agency stressed that the vaccine is inactive and does not cause side effects or disease.

“This vaccine, because it is inactivated, has the fewest side effects. We can give peace of mind to all the mothers and fathers in the family, ”she said.


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