Auza reveals that Parada's personnel file has disappeared from the CNS

Health Minister Jeyson Auza announced Thursday that the personnel files of Antonio Parada, the main defendant in the “Haunted Objects” case, have disappeared from the National Health Fund (CNS) where he worked in 2020.

“This hired man now turns out his file (Parada’s personal file) has disappeared, and if there are some people in the box with information hidden, we will take action against them too. We will not allow any acts of corruption. It is not possible for a large team of people to work on weekends and even at night while others commit corruption and cover up others. That person’s file has been searched and has not yet been found, “he added.

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Auza noted that the CNS corruption complaint relating to “phantom contracts” had been submitted to the public prosecutor’s office last October and had already been provisionally identified 23 following investigations monitored by the State Department Transparency Unit, which he headed. Special cases in the La Paz region.

“The transparency agency of the Ministry of Health is already working in this regard and we will not allow any acts of corruption. So far, 23 cases with first and last names have been identified that would have caused economic damage to the National Health Fund” of more than 800.114 Bs are preliminary data, “he said.

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The agency acknowledged that there was a “corrupt” structure within the CNS.

“These are not phantom objects, they are phantom contracts, we will not allow any acts of corruption, the CNS is taking measures for its part, we have instructed the Ministry of Health to intervene, we will investigate to the end and drastically sanction this structure,” repeated Auza.

Parada is the main person responsible for the creation of “ghost items” in the mayor’s office of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. He is a refugee and is charged with economic damage for a millionaire’s production of more than 800 items.


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