Auza reiterates that in view of omicron circulation, maximum biosecurity measures should be taken

Health Minister Jeyson Auza confirmed the Omikron’s presence in the country this Friday and recommended “extreme” biosecurity measures. In turn, he said it will be the National Institute of Health Laboratories (Inlasa) that will publish the official report.

“From the samples taken, which arrive at various laboratories, we can confirm the presence of Omicron in the country. The official information must be issued by a valid laboratory recognized by the World Health Organization. (WHO.)) “Said the Minister at a press conference.

That Friday morning, the national director of epidemiology, Freddy Armijo, assured that the variant is circulating in La Paz and El Alto. A study will determine if it is in Santa Cruz.

Auza stated that now “biosecurity and containment measures for the virus must be extreme”. The government is committed to the national vaccination plan.

“It is our concern to constantly increase the number of vaccinations in the country, because despite the flexibility in presenting the vaccination card, the number of vaccinations is not falling,” he said.

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The Minister of Health recalled that since the emergence of the variant in the world and the verification of its high transferability, it has been suspected that it is spreading in the country, this fourth wave in the country opens the possibility of its spread.

“Bolivia and all states are a place of high suspicion for the Omicron variant and these data on an increasing number of cases may make us suspicious, but until we have an official report from a laboratory that is recognized as genome sequencing and the only one in the country “It is INLASA, we cannot give the official version, but we carry out the appropriate control,” he said in a brief contact with journalists.

Auza welcomed the analyzes carried out by private laboratories, which also showed their interest in finding the spread of COVID-19 variants in Bolivia, and stressed that given the suspected presence of the variant in the country, it was necessary to maximize biosecurity measures to prevent the virus from spreading further.

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“In this genomic monitoring process, we know that the Omicron variant may be present in the country, so we have to take extreme biosafety measures, we also have to strictly apply our national vaccination schedule, as we as the Ministry of Health welcome tests from other laboratories.” execute. . However, INLASA is in an ongoing process of reviewing samples taken from humans, ”he noted.

He also stated that the Ministry of Health (Headquarters) has to send samples of the Omicron variant or other variants to the Ministry of Health every Friday and “mandatory”.


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