Auza defends the validity of the vaccination card and sees

Health Minister Jeyson Auza reiterated this Monday that if coronavirus cases continue to rise as fast as in recent days, “we will have conflict” and defended the validity of vaccination cards for entry into public and private facilities.

“This week is the week we have had the most cases in history of Covid-19 in Bolivia, and it is the week with the lowest death rate that we have presented at 0.8 percent. Thanks to the vaccine, we haven’t had one Hospital.” collapse, “said Auza.

He claimed that, thanks to the vaccine, “we can contain the pandemic today, but if we keep doing this we will inevitably have conflict. Because of this, we need to maximize our biosecurity measures, social distancing, the use of chin straps, and frequent hand washing are the strategies that will enable us to contain the pandemic.

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Regarding the resignation of the “anti-vaccine” groups, Auza said that it was his duty to ensure the health of Bolivians.

“There may be groups that oppose and ask for my resignation, but this minister has been given a mandate, he has sworn to defend the health of the Bolivian people and an action that does not require vaccinations but seeks to promote reporting If that decision means they will ask for my resignation, go ahead, but we consider a measure of health to be the right one, ”he said.

Auza claimed that if this number of cases had been presented without vaccination, “it would have been a disaster, we would have had trouble burying our people,” but said that vaccination avoided reaching that point.

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Last week, Bolivia reported the peak of nearly 8,000 cases, although the death rate fell from 2.7% in the third wave to 0.8% in this fourth wave.


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