Auza calls epidemiologists speaking of the fourth wave

Health and Sports Minister Jeyson Auza described some epidemiologists as “ominous” who point to projections warning of the arrival of the fourth wave in the country and assured that the government is taking concrete action and is sticking to official data, to counter the coronavirus.

“Several doomsday predictors, supposed epidemiologists, experts have announced that we will have the highest peaks of the fourth wave in the second week of August. We are taking the necessary and appropriate measures for this process of containing the pandemic, we are not going to focus on projections, who even fall into divination, “he affirmed.

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The agency recalled that weeks ago his office implemented a number of strategies to address a possible fourth wave of infections with hospital equipment, rapid test distribution and vaccination speed up across the country.

“We have our forecasts, but we can only rely on actions and concrete data on that, we take the necessary measures and take all the precautions to prepare for a possible fourth wave and the evaluation that we carry out department by department makes it possible us to take action, any information we report helps us to take action, “said Auza.

He regrets that in addition to the medical directors, some sub-national authorities are forecasting rather than providing real data, leading to misinformation among the population.

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