Auza assures that the break in the Anticovid card is not a setback and acknowledges that decrees are

Health Minister Jeyson Auza admitted Thursday that Supreme Decrees 4640 and 4641 are causing discomfort but are a necessary measure to promote vaccination. He made it clear that one does not deviate from the obligation to carry the vaccination card or the negative PCR and that it is only a suspension until January 26th.

He said he understood the discomfort that the adoption of the two decrees had caused in some social sectors, including that of the Movement for Socialism (MAS).

“I understand that this (the decrees) can cause discomfort in some areas. With the utmost affection and respect, we say that it is not a very convenient decision; however, it is necessary and allowed it.” Almost half a million people are vaccinated in three days, “said Auza.

Various social sectors such as the rural teachers, the farmers of the 20 provinces of La Paz, social sectors of the Yungas, anti-vaccine movements, Christian churches and other sectors of El Alto rejected the measure and announced mobilizations since Monday.

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The day before, the government decided to suspend the submission of vaccination cards until January 26, as long lines were registered at the various vaccination sites and there were even people staying outside the centers to get a vaccine.

Auza said that at no time did the government withdraw the request for both documents, but rather that it paused the measure to relieve the vaccination centers. He urged the population to keep going to the vaccination centers and not to relax.

According to Auza’s criteria, compared to the first wave of coronavirus in the country when there were no vaccines, there is a greater number of infections in this fourth wave, but the death rate is below 1% and 10 people on Intensive Care Units ( ICUs), eight were not vaccinated against Covid-19.

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They extend the care times at the vaccination centers

In order to unblock the vaccination stations, the authority announced that from this Friday the care times in the vaccination centers of the Ministry of Health and Sport will be extended.

“Starting tomorrow, at 7:00 am, the items that depend on the Ministry of Health and Sport will work and we will coordinate the same with other agencies so that we can all extend the vaccination according to the same logic.” Timetables “, reports.


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