Auza anticipates an increase in Omicron cases and calls for extreme biosecurity measures

Health Minister Jeyson Auza confirmed the Omicron’s presence in Bolivia this Monday, stating that cases of this variant of the coronavirus will increase, for which he has urged the population to take extreme biosecurity measures and adhere to the National Immunization Schedule.

“The Omicron already exists in Bolivia, it is not yet the predominant variant, but as the days go by we will certainly have an increase in the number of cases of this variant,” said Auza in good time to point out that the delta is the one that is in Country prevails.

He emphasized the importance of being vaccinated, as it has been shown worldwide that vaccinated people develop better when infected with the Omicron variant.

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He said that Omicron’s confirmation in Bolivia will not change the national health strategy and that vaccination should be accelerated.

“The Omicron is already present in the country, but that doesn’t change our strategy, the containment strategy remains the same, the containment strategy remains the same, the strategy of our national vaccination plan remains the same,” predicts.

In the epidemiological report for the 1st week of January, Auza pointed out that 60,801 positive cases had been recorded.

He pointed out that the increase in cases may be due to the existence of the Omicron variant and the delta in the country, which also have high portability.

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Auza told Fluron that “it is not a new variant or a new disease, but the coexistence of two diseases” and that vaccination is important in order not to complicate these combination cases.


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