Auza accuses Camacho of

Health Minister Jeyson Auza this Thursday confirmed that the government had respected the delivery of vaccines against Covid-19 in Santa Cruz, claiming that department’s governor Luis Fernando Camacho lied by saying the executive had done nothing got on the subject of vaccination.

“We are outraged by the manifestation of Mr. Camacho, this man is a man without principles, without morals, he lies openly and uses people to make politics for the benefit of an elite and to the detriment of the people,” the minister said in a press conference.

He claimed the government had sent nearly 4 million vaccines to Santa Cruz and only “2,032,185 vaccines have been used as of yesterday. Today Santa Cruz has 1,771,823 vaccines in the cold chain”.

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The Minister of Health and Sports said the national government had delivered 3,804,008 vaccines to Santa Cruz and that the government had not bought a single dose.

“Yesterday with no blood on his face, he said the government did not help the vaccination at all. We will not allow this man to continue lying with impunity,” he said.

“We categorically show how Camacho lies. On September 24th, he said he had not bought a single vaccine (…) because the national government had fully done its job,” he said.


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