Mesa calls for an end to the

The judiciary has decided to postpone the hearing on the lifting of the preventive detention of former President Jeanine Áñez until this afternoon. The procedural act was initially scheduled for this Monday at 8:30 a.m.

The ex-president denounced that it was a new abuse and injustice against them.

“They are delaying, suspending or declaring an intermission room in another hearing to lift former President # JeanineAñez’s freedom. The aim is to keep her imprisoned, deny her rights, display them as a political trophy. Abuse and injustice are widespread. ” . #LiberenAJeanine # LiberenALosPresosPolíticos, “says the ex-president’s Facebook account, which is managed by her relatives.

The hearing was convened by the La Paz First Anti-Corruption Court.

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The previous week, the proceedings were suspended due to the lack of a quorum when the former president was in preventive detention for more than nine months because of the alleged coup in 2019.


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