Attorney says Percy is

Former Santa Cruz Mayor Percy Fernández’s Legal Department issued a statement this Monday saying that due to its “serious condition” the former agency “is unable” to advance its defense on the case Ghost Items To Take Over Health, “Reason They Require The Suspension Of The Procedure.

According to the statement, on December 21, the fourth anti-corruption investigative judge, who acts as the judge for constitutional guarantees, became known about the “current delicate health of Ing.Percy Fernández Añez, 82 years old”.

“The reports of four medical specialists with the patient’s medical history show and substantiate his deteriorated and critical state of psycho-corporeal health, which prevents him from understanding what is going on in the process, hence incapable of defense or apprehension to take part in legal proceedings, “reads the statement signed by lawyer Ciro Áñez.

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In view of this situation, the lawyers assure, the application of § 86 StPO had been applied for and the intervention of doctors from the Institute for Forensic Investigations (IDIF) was necessary so that they themselves “confirm the serious condition”. the patient’s health and their inability to defend themselves or to participate in legal proceedings “.

“Article 86 of the CPP states that the judge or court must order their expert recognition if the person is sensitive and their mental health is deteriorating, which prevents them from understanding what goes on in the proceedings (so we have asked IDIF to intervene) to confirm the serious state of health of the patient.) Once this point has been verified that it corresponds to a material truth (i.e. reality), the law provides that the judge must order the suspension of the proceedings to whom it is issued demands until the handicap goes away, “says the letter.

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They add that the family has also asked the Judge of Constitutional Guarantees to guarantee their rights, the most important of which is the right to life, since in his current state of health he subjects him to a trial of this kind my client could worsen your health and further Endanger your life.

Fernández was summoned this week to testify on the case of ghost items during his tenure and that of Angélica Sosa.


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