Murillo pleads

Former government minister Arturo Murillo could plead guilty in the case of the alleged money laundering for which he is being charged in the United States, the Bolivian state legal department said.

Daniel Pulecio, an attorney with the Greenber Traurig law firm hired by the Bolivian state to prosecute the gas case in the United States, told state media on Thursday that Murillo pleaded not guilty at Friday’s hearing and that he held that position under a . could change negotiations with the prosecutor.

“Even though he pleaded not guilty yesterday because he chose to be indicted on an informational document, it could indicate that he is preparing to plead guilty in the near future,” he said.

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The North American judiciary will convene a trial within 7 to 15 days.

Murillo is located at the Miami Federal Detention Center (FDC), where he is identified as inmate 02358-506. He is charged with the crime of money laundering for buying tear gas during his tenure in the transitional government.

He is accused of having irregularly led anti-riot teams for the Bolivian government through the intermediary Bravo Tactical Solutions LLC (BTS) for $ 5.6 million with the Condor company, while the real price was 3.3 million, that is at a premium of $ 2.3 million.

Greenber Traurig’s attorney stated that it was likely that the defendant and prosecutors would reach an agreement for the courts to evaluate.

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“It is possible for Mr Murillo and the prosecutor to present the court with an agreement in which Mr Murillo pleads guilty by the next few weeks, and then there will be a hearing before the judge to review this.” Mr Murillo’s consent to plead guilty was free, genuine and truthful and informed, “he stated.

Murillo and four other defendants were arrested in the United States in late May. They were accused of setting up a bribery and money laundering program to exploit an import of riot gear through an intermediate company carried out by Bolivia when the former minister was in the office. , after page seven.


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