Attorney for RJC members says they will be tried twice for the same crime

Milena Soto and Jaime Maldonado’s lawyer Jaime Salinas said today that in the case of precautionary hearing against members of the Cochala Youth Resistance (RJC), they will face two charges of the same offense.

“The legal position of those arrested Milena Soto and Jaime Maldonado was discussed at the hearing. The complaint and arrest went to five of the members of the RJC, in that sense four of them made the same complaint and charge of the same crimes. The legal system says that there can be no duality of crimes, this was pointed out to the judge, when he saw the honesty, he referred this to the Ministry of State, “he said on the program A Media Mañana de Los Tiempos and Grupo Centro.

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The members of the RJC are informed of the alleged crimes of criminal organization, deprivation of liberty, serious and minor injuries, crimes against public health, public incitement to commit a crime, preventing or hindering the exercise of functions and the establishment or possession of explosives accused substances, among others. The complaint was made for the events that occurred between October 2019 and 2020, the defense said.

Yassir Molina and the Bascopé brothers are currently in preventive detention in Sucre, charged with the alleged crimes of criminal organization, property destruction, etc. for the protest against Attorney General Juan Lanchipa in 2020.


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