At the summit called by Biden, Alberto Fernández said Bolivia had

At the summit for democracy convened by US President Joe Biden, Argentine President Alberto Fernández affirmed that there had been a “coup d’état” in Bolivia.

“Bolivia has suffered a coup, approved by a large part of the international community and the Organization of American States (OAS), and has been able to restore and regain democracy, and today the institution is in full force there,” said the Argentine president.

“I am saving this reality of Bolivia on this day when democracy calls us, because perhaps Bolivia is a good example of the importance of democracy today,” added Fernández during his speech at the summit, to which the Bolivian government was not invited .

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The virtual summit, which has been taking place since yesterday, was called to “strengthen democracy and defend it against authoritarianism, fight corruption and promote respect for human rights”.

In Bolivia, however, the opposition is of the opinion that the successor to Jeanine Áñez was legal and constitutional following the resignation of Evo Morales and the massive resignation of the authorities as part of the succession.


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