Assembly members and MAS organizations are calling for cabinet changes

A few weeks from January 22, 2022, Plurinational State Day, they add votes of assessment and questions to the members of Luis Arce’s Cabinet of Ministers.

In the last few days, members of the National Assembly, social organizations of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) have proposed a reorganization of the presidential staff group.

The departmental association of indigenous intercultural communities of La Paz called for an “emergency meeting” this Friday, January 7th, with the aim of analyzing and evaluating Supreme Decrees 4640 and 4641, but also to “analyze and assess the ministers rate, “he says. the summons.

Previously, the MP Daniel Rojas (MAS) described some cabinet members as parasites, so that a restructuring of his employees had to take place.

“They do not follow the management of our Brother President, they just sit in his chair in a commanding manner and do not even give solutions,” he said at the time.

He said that the Bolivian interculturalists had passed a resolution requesting the change of the government’s minister, Eduardo del Castillo; the judiciary, Ivan Lima; Development Planning, Gabriela Mendoza, and the Presidency, María Nela Prada.

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In this scenario, Evo Morales also interviewed President Arce’s companions.

The Federation of Mining Workers in Bolivia also expressed the ministers’ assessment.

Gonzalo Quispe, executive director of this labor sector, announced that appropriate analyzes are being developed and that there are observations against various ministers.

“For example, we (miners) have questions for the Minister of Labor Verónica Navia. Other sectors will also share their observations, ”he said.

Health in sight

On the other hand, various social organizations, such as the individual departmental association of peasant workers of La Paz and the Bartolina Sisa, are calling for the “immediate dismissal of the Minister of Health for incompetence, Jeyson Auza and of all ministers who do this before the adoption of Supreme Decrees 4640 and 4641 Have signed the regulations.


Movement towards Socialism (MAS) Senator Félix Ajpi claims that the Minister for Environment and Water should be changed because he did not support Arece’s management and “no effective action was seen”, as on the water issue.

He made it clear that the evaluation of ministers is the exclusive responsibility of President Luis Arce; however, in his opinion there are some that should be removed.

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“The Minister for the Environment and Water, for example, couldn’t use his management. I believe that these ministers should improve their work, ”said Ajpi.

Sectors that ministers watch

The National Coordinator for Change (Conalcam) will meet next week in the city of La Paz to evaluate some of the norms that the Legislative Assembly seeks to approve and evaluate ministers.

In addition, the leadership of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) will evaluate the ministers and propose the change of some.

The vice-president of MAS, Gerardo García, referred to the anger in some sectors because the people around Luis Arce had not listened to his demands.

In Cochabamba, for example, the MAS regional leadership interviewed all ministers and in particular Eduardo del Castillo from the government department and even suggested that ex-minister Juan Ramón Quintana, the strong man of Morales, be appointed in his place.

On January 22nd we will see if there are any changes or not.


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