As conflict escalates, Arce overturns the law and threatens his allies

Given the escalation of conflicts the country is experiencing and after six days of open-ended strike, President Luis Arce repealed Law 1386 last night but his allies threatened to take to the streets if things don’t go back to normal from Monday.

After six days of mobilization in eight regions and with greater intensity in Potosí and Santa Cruz, the president relented on the application of Law 1386 on a strategy to combat illegal profits.

Meanwhile, the unions and mobilized transport companies refused to meet with the ministers yesterday. On top of that, sectors that stayed on the sidelines, like the Cochabamba drivers, have set a deadline.

“Nobody attacks the government, but the traffic violates laws that disturb his calm and violate the constitution,” said the leader of the transport, José Orellana.

The decision was made after ministers traveled to the nine departments to meet with sectors related to the MAS that had observations as the norm.

“We listened to the demands and decided to repeal Act 1386 to first pave the way so that there would be no pretext to continue mourning, mistreating and crippling the economy,” said Arce.

“Everything that has happened creates fear, anxiety, insecurity, a product, namely that there are sectors that have different interests than those that characterize the concerns of the social sectors. Because of this, we don’t want more sadness, more fear, more pain, ”he said.

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The President repealed the law in a ceremony at the Casa Grande del Pueblo, accompanied by representatives of the Pact of Unity and the COB.

Arce focused his message on economic reactivation and denouncing an agenda to repeat the 2019 crisis.

The sectors allied with the MAS threatened to take to the streets if the blockades were not lifted. The Executive Secretary of the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB), Juan Carlos Huarachi, said the aim of the conflict was a political one.

“The goal is not the laws, the goal is to destabilize our government, the goal is to carry out a second coup, and the people will not allow it. Social organizations are in a state of emergency, we are ready to take to the streets, but not to go into confrontation, ”he said.

“We will ask you to correct your attitude. If you do not lift your strike by Monday, force us, with our own hands we will unblock the block,” said the board of the Single Union of Farmers. , Boar Choquehuanca.


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The State Chancellery condemned the international community for deliberately promoting a disinformation campaign about the content of Law 1386 by opposition political parties, citizens’ committees and platforms.

The statement was read yesterday by Foreign Minister Rogelio Mayta, who noted that the law is the result of efforts by the national government to comply with the international commitments made by Bolivia and the guidelines of the International Financial Action Group (FATF).


The president of the Santa Cruz Citizens’ Committee, Rómulo Calvo, said after the repeal of Law 1386 that the blockades will continue and urged them to step up. “Our struggle for unity has begun to bear fruit, we are not yet finished with our ongoing struggle, the people of Santa Cruz are still unemployed. Tomorrow we will only have meetings with the different sectors and make definitions; We wait for them in Christ, ”he said.

The Potosí (Comcipo) Citizens’ Committee announced that it would determine the actions this Sunday, and its leader Juan Carlos Manuel urged the President to rule for everyone, not just the MAS.

business people

The Potosí Business Association expressed its satisfaction and congratulated President Luis Arce on repealing the law.


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