Armed Forces are recruiting for the second step in 2021, starting July 12

The Armed Forces are finalizing the details of organizing the second season of compulsory military service in 2021, which is scheduled to begin July 12 and end on August 11, the Armed Forces Territorial Director General Milton Navia reported.

Young people between the ages of 18 and 22 can report to any military unit in the country. Persons who are 17 years old can enter with the consent of their parents. Be a Bolivian or naturalized person and their Bolivian parents, birth certificate and valid identity card; of the latter, the original and photocopy are required.

Individuals who for other reasons could not do their military service and are over the age of 23 have the alternative of applying for the transfer booklet, which processes in all military regions at a price of 4,000 Bs and a fine of 200 Bs per year after 23 becomes .

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Navia stated that this fine is limited to 10 years and from the age of 33 the unit cost is 6,000 Bs, with no additional fines.

The military chief said that with this management it was possible to cut the delivery times of military notebooks or other required documents to less than 20 days, whereas previously the waiting time was two months.


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