Armaments case: Third parties explain and ask the public prosecutor's office for an expert opinion on their signature

A commission of “collaborating” prosecutors arrived at Palmasola prison yesterday to review the testimony of former Commander of the Bolivian Air Force (FAB) Jorge Gonzalo Terceros on the second complaint against him for the crime of illicit arms trafficking after Foreign Minister Rogelio. Mayta condemned an alleged letter in which the former military chief thanked the Argentine government for the arms delivery in November 2019.

Terceros again denied having sent a letter of thanks to the Argentine government for the provision of weapons, and asked the prosecutor to have an expert report on his signature, which he believed was forged, in order to initiate new proceedings against him.

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“He (third party) has stated that there has been no illegal trade in riot gear. In addition, it confirms that both the content of the document and the signature are incorrect, ”said Jorge Santiesteban, the military lawyer.

According to the attorney, the former commanding officer noted that prosecutors used a photo from a media company to publish the alleged letter he signed and sent to the Argentine embassy to conduct a graphological study of your signature.

Third parties go through three trials: the first, for which they are preventively detained for terrorism and sedition; the second for illicit arms trade and the third for breach of duties.

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In Argentina

A public prosecutor from Argentina yesterday indicted former chief of staff Marcos Peña, former foreign minister Jorge Faurie and former secretary for strategic affairs, Fulvio Pompeo of Mauricio Macri’s government, on alleged deliveries of ammunition and riot gear to Bolivia.


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