Arias Says Law Against Winning Legitimation

Mayor Iván Arias confirmed this Saturday that La Paz will join the national citizens’ strike against political persecution on Monday and the legislative package including the Illegal Profits Legitimacy Act, which he says “looks nice” but is “cursed” for it violated democratic rights and freedoms, and suggested that the government “archive it”.

“We consulted the unions and agreed to strike on Monday against the Illegal Profits Legislation, which seems nice, but in reality it is cursed, it is a cursed law because the point is that before any complaint is made,” “Any man can be examined (and sent to jail) and later come out poor; we disagree,” said Arias, according to an official press release.

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The mayor confirmed that the municipality of La Paz will adhere to the national citizens’ strike in defense of “freedom and private and collective property” on Monday, in opposition to this bill and against a package of laws that run counter to the interests of Bolivians.

He also called for this rule to be repealed, believing that it should give the government too much power. “I don’t think that’s a good thing, it creates a lot of uncertainty, a lot of mistrust and they want to make the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the financial investigation a superpower,” he said.

For this Monday, he announced that every social organization would take whatever measures it sees fit to enforce the strike.

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