Arias suggests that the government set up a

Mayor Iván Arias denounced that the suspect of placing explosives near municipal buildings was part of an “organized mafia of real estate dealers” on Sunday night, but said he would continue to work to ensure sovereignty in municipal buildings to establish La Paz.

“There is an organized mafia behind the organizers. It is very difficult, they told me, you are going to get into a serious mess; is that one is outraged at how they are taking over green spaces, municipal areas and it seems that no one is saying anything and there is no authority, ”said Arias in an interview with Radio Fides.

Last night, the government suspected Lino Ch. R., 56, of placing an explosive device on the corner of Colón and Mercado streets, injuring two people and leaving more than fifty broken glass in urban and private buildings. Police commander-general Jhonny Aguilera stated that he is a neighborhood leader and has imposed an administrative procedure from the Mayor of La Paz and has to do with illegal settlement.

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“The commander told us that he is part of this very powerful and very strong network that moves a lot of money and people. We hope the investigation will provide complete evidence,” said Arias.

He stated that the defendant was involved in the attack on the office of the Mayor of Cotahuma in the first days of July. An explosive caused damage to the infrastructure, and the officials were threatened with phone calls for which a complaint was filed with the criminal police.

“This man, who was introduced yesterday (Wednesday), belongs to that group, it is not the first attack he has carried out, the question of the lotteries is very complicated. Those who dare to report threaten their families, harass them, some beat them, it is an organized mafia, ”denounced Arias.

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The Mayor of La Paz said they continue to establish sovereignty in municipal buildings. On September 6th, around a thousand square meters of community area were recovered from the mining district near the Bosquecillo de Pura Pura. It was inhabited by seven suspected owners who were told beforehand that they lived in a public area and before heavy machinery came to demolish it, they only left walls, took away doors, windows and corrugated iron.

“We are here to defend them, we have carried out many operations recently to reclaim urban land and destroy built houses,” noted Arias. City workers put an end to the demolition of an illegally built house on Tte Street last week. Guillén, in the Bella Vista area, where the neighbors thanked them for their work, as the claim had not been processed since 2016.


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