Arias calls for rapid action by the police after explosion and theft of equipment in the mayor's office

La Paz Mayor’s Office reported that over the weekend, in addition to the explosion that damaged property in central La Paz, it also registered the theft of information about computer equipment, which the police and the government’s ministry are supposed to make a quick report of submit about it.

“It’s not just dynamite, it’s an explosive device that has splinters, it has penetrated the windows, the iron curtains, the entire tax collection building. The nine floors have broken glass and splinters,” said Mayor Iván Arias.

From the explosion on Sunday, the preliminary report shows that the windows of the former Banco del Estado building were broken, damage to the metal shutters of the municipal tax administration, damage to the municipal garage and a vehicle, damage to the town hall and the bank building located there .

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The mayor’s legal director, José Gonzales, said the insurance company was carrying out the damage assessment. He said two children affected by the blast, ages eight and twelve, were healthy and had gone home.

Arias said he didn’t want to speculate but “strange things are happening” as information was stolen from another office over the weekend. The legal director stated that it was computer equipment.

“Three computers were stolen from the City Secretary for Control and Quality of Work, which belonged to the former legal advisor, former chief administrator and former secretary,” said Gonzales.

Mayor Arias announced that he would strengthen security measures. He emphasized that he did not want to speculate, but pointed out that the mayor’s office was facing lottery games.

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“I ask the police and the government ministry for a quick report to avoid speculation. We have to live in peace, we have to be safe,” said the mayor.


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