COEM of La Paz is lifting the time limit and suspending the festival for the second time on July 15th

Mayor Iván Arias asked the Ombudsman’s office whether it would investigate the attacks on women for wearing a tricolor chinstrap on the day of the civil strike on Bolivian Women’s Day. He criticized “paramilitary groups” of the Movement for Socialism (MAS), who intimidate under the “blind eyes” of police officers.

“The sad thing is the violence with which paramilitary MAS groups attack women with violent actions. Where is the ombudsman? Yesterday (Monday) women, a young woman who was with her dog, just for giving her a red, yellow and green chinstraps, paramilitaries attacked them, “said the mayor of La Paz.

On Monday, a woman walking her dog wearing a chinstrap in the colors of the Bolivian tricolor was molested, chased and beaten by a group of women who shouted “We are the majority” near Plaza Uyuni came ”, in front of the gaze of police officers who prevented or removed neighbors who were blocking one of the streets on the day of the national citizens’ strike.

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“Where is the ombudsman? Will she start proceedings? Will she investigate? Instead of defending people, the ombudsman was concerned about taking photos of the mayor’s office, which shows that instead of being a lady who cares People care, they care about working for the government, ”said the mayor.

He criticized police officers who on Monday, using motorcycles and tear gas, removed neighbors who were adhering to the citizen strike from streets and squares but failed to protect the La Paz people who were attacked by those who shouted “We are the majority”.

“Yesterday (Monday) violence did not come from those who protested, but from paramilitary groups who act under guardianship, under the blind eye, I mean the police, the police play deaf, they play blind in front of these groups that generate violence “Said Aria.

The mayor, who highlighted the importance of unions and neighbors protesting the Illegal Profits Legitimacy on Monday, said if the intimidation had come from the protesters, there would be hundreds of accused and persecuted.

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“It drew attention to what was going on in La Paz and Bolivia, groups devoted to intimidation and threats, and there is no one to tell them anything will have ‘n’ processed, tomorrow we will be ‘n’ because of that Accusations of racism and sedition pursued; nobody says anything to those who say offensive things, “he said.

Arias recalled that the mining cooperatives do not rule out protesting the law in question, as did the El Alto unions and drivers, who issued an ultimatum to the government to withdraw the proposal as it violates individual property and democratic freedoms. “We have joined one cause, the defense of freedom and individual heritage,” said the mayor of La Paz.


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