Arce takes over the new high command of the armed forces and asks him to ensure the stability of the government

President Luis Arce has surprisingly inaugurated new members of the High Command of the Armed Forces (Armed Forces).

This is Major General Augusto García Lara as the new unintentional Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces; the General of the Air Brigade Teófilo Medina, the new Chief of Staff; and the Captain of the Navy, Francis Efraín Frank Salazar, the new Commander General of the Bolivian Navy.

In his speech, Arce urged the new high command to ensure the stability and integrity of the lawfully formed government and urged the military to cooperate in the investigation into the alleged 2019 coup.

“The Bolivians recently witnessed an episode in which our armed forces lacked subordination and discipline in November 2019 and 2020. When, after 37 years of uninterrupted democratic processes, the arbitrary breakdown of the constitutional order took place since 1982. The bad soldiers who attended the 2019 ‘coup’ betrayed the main tenet of the military institution, honor, “said Arce.

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He pointed out that submission and discipline are the backbone of the armed institution for the fulfillment of the constitutional mandate, and stressed that history provides numerous examples that the stability of the legitimately formed government is ensured when discipline is subordinate to the armed forces .

He added that, like all human works, the institution may be flawed, but it is by no means acceptable for a military member to commit crimes and get on with life with impunity. He called on the courts to deal with those who “betrayed military honor” in 2019 and 2020.

In November 2019, the military institution proposed the resignation of former President Evo Morales, as the country was in a social and political crisis at that time. “We propose that the President resign his term of office,” said the then Commander-in-Chief Williams Kaliman.

After the resignation of Morales and a new government, the interim president of Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, took over the country’s new military high command. General Carlos Orellana served as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces (Armed Forces) in place of General Kaliman.

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According to the Arce government and the Socialism Movement (MAS), a “coup d’état” has been planned in Bolivia and for this reason, former Deputy Lidia Patty condemned the former government agencies for sedition, conspiracy and terrorism, a situation that gives rise to prisoners.

Meanwhile, Arce made two recommendations to the New Military High Command regarding the events of 2019. “Firstly, it is not possible for the military to neglect its duties and discipline for a moment of social relaxation and, secondly, when the military is asked to stand up for related events such as tragic and sad events like the one in 2019 according to a moral principle for the military To answer for honor, the military must storm like any normal citizen to defend themselves before the outside judiciary and clearly claim an appointment fee, ”he said.


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