Arce speaks about vaccination against Covid-19 in his Christmas message

President Luis Arce spoke about vaccination against Covid-19 in his Christmas message broadcast tonight.

“Today we can meet with loved ones with whom we can finally get vaccinated and take all health precautions against the pandemic that has taken us from almost all human contact and with which we are still confronted, but under better conditions” said Arce.

The President regretted the death of the coronavirus victims and pointed out that Christmas 2020 would still be “lived with uncertainty”.

“The Bolivian people experienced times of great uncertainty last Christmas, especially with regard to health and the economy. We didn’t have vaccines, so we as the national government made it our mission to put in place a comprehensive plan to combat Coviud-19, ”he added.

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“Today we’re immunizing, even a third dose, and we have vaccines for the entire vaccinable population,” he said.

On the other hand, he also indicated that the time has come to reflect on inequalities in society.

“Christmas is a festival where we see very clearly the economic and social inequalities we are fighting against,” he said.


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