Arce says

President Luis Arce this Saturday called for the “unity” of the social organizations of the MAS, claiming that those who “financed the coup” and “who shot us” wanted to split the ruling party, for which he warned that “destabilizing Threats “” are still present.

The President took part in the act of the 42nd anniversary of the Confederación Sindical Única de Trabajadores Campesinos de Bolivia (Csutcb), which, in his opinion, “guaranteed the elections of October 2020”, with a speech of thanks for the “great blockade” of August 2020 he was elected with more than 55 percent.

“Who wants to divide us, ourselves? No. There is only one change process, there is only one, there is nothing more. And the right know, they are just trying to divide us. Who seeks the failure of our democratic revolution? Those who financed the coup, those who do not accept people’s government, want to divide us, ”he said.

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He claimed that “those who impose their governments with bullets. They know that when people are united they will never defeat us. The destabilizing threats are there and before that the response must be more and more unity of the organizations ”.


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