Arce points out that national industries have sold BS 8 million with the Consume lo Nuestro app

President Luis Arce emphasized this Sunday that national industries have sold 8 million Bolivianos in one month using the “Consume lo Nuestro” mobile application, which officials use to access their snack vouchers.

“We emphasize that national industries with the application“ Consume lo Nuestro ”sold 8 million Bolivians in one month. Paying the snack voucher with this system enables public officials to buy #HechosEnBolivia (sic) products, ”he posted on his Twitter account.

On Thursday, the Minister for Productive Development and the Plural Economy, Néstor Huanca, reported that between November and December the manufacturers achieved Bs 8 million in sales with the “Consume lo Nuestro” mobile application.

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According to information from this government portfolio, this mobile application generates an economic movement of around 278 million Bs per year on the domestic market when buying national products.

Through this measure, officials can buy not only products from the food sector, but also from the articles, textiles, handicrafts, leather, wood, metal processing and others of the national industry.

In May of this year, the government promulgated Supreme Decree 4513, which stipulates that the refreshment voucher granted to civil servants can be used to purchase national products through a mobile application as part of economic reactivation.


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