Arce on the anniversary of the Cidob:

President Luis Arce attended this Sunday of the 39th anniversary of the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of the Bolivian East (Cidob) and said that the government “will always respect the organic nature of the peoples”.

On the occasion of the anniversary he declared: “We always remember the year 1982, in which the Cidob was born, who at that time represented four indigenous peoples, Chiquitanos, Ayoreos, Guarayos and Guaraní, but gradually the 14 regions and 34 recognized” indigenous people Peoples were brought together in the Political Constitution of the State (CPE).

The President said that the government had helped them to be recognized in the CPE “not like others who have always taken advantage of indigenous peoples, have taken advantage of them and did not want to recognize them, but remember the struggle in the Constituent Assembly those who opposed it to the plurinational state ”.

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He pointed out that “there have recently been certain groups who feel nostalgic for the republican state in which indigenous peoples have not been recognized.”


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