Arce encourages confrontation with speeches that provoke opponents

24 hours after the citizens’ strike, which was mobilized to reject the law to legitimize illegal profits, the President of Bolivia, Luis Arce, attacked the civil movement and the opposition during the so-called “Wiphalazo” calling it a coup, fascist and murderer, but that the “people” respect the majority on the streets.

Once again, the President’s confrontational and unforgiving speech came out during the MAS-convened event in the departments of the Central Axis where he was present to address the hundreds of Blue Party supporters who had gathered.

“They don’t want to respect our victory, what they don’t win in the elections, if they want to win through other anti-democratic mechanisms (…) if they want to have respect in the elections, we will show respect in the streets,” said President Arce.

He added that “yesterday (Monday) the citizens’ committees, the murderous coup rights, again called for strikes, again to abuse people on the streets. We have seen and condemned what happened in Santa Cruz. Fascism again, Bullying, because what they did not win in the elections, they want to win with mafia groups, criminals, but today we will also tell them that we will not allow it.

The discursive belligerence that Arce camouflaged in his reconciliation intentions arises at a time when various sectors are announcing mobilizations to demand the submission of the Anti-Legitimation Act and the repeal of Act 1396.


The hostile speech was echoed by other MAS leaders who, in a cautionary tone, demanded respect for the Wiphala and indicated that they would not allow movements aimed at destabilizing Luis Arce’s leadership.

The Executive Director of the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB), Juan Carlos Huarachi, called the event historic due to the mobilizations in the nine departments that have gathered as one man to defend the process, democracy and national symbols.

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“This coup law is again intended to destabilize our government. We will not allow any more coups, we will not allow any further destabilization of our government, today the Bolivian people want to work, they want to recover their economy, ”he said.

In La Paz, the executive of the Confederación Sindical Única de Trabajadores Campesinos de Bolivia (Csutcb), Ever Rojas, demands respect for the Wiphala and democracy.

“From the Plaza San Francisco we first ask for respect for our Wiphala, respect for our democracy, respect for the Lucho and David binomials, respect for our national symbols, respect for the Political Constitution of the State (CPE),” he said .


In times of crisis, the MAS launched its shock groups to confront casual opponents.

In this latest citizen mobilization, the ruling party called for protesting citizens to be confronted and blockades to be avoided.

Faced with the grievances of these radical groups, the MAS ruler denied any connection with them.

The groups sponsored by the MAS are, however, the so-called “Satucos”, a shock group led by Gustavo Torrico; There is also the “Südkolonne”, which is also promoted by the union police, there are, among other things, the so-called “Warriors of the Dawn” and the self-summoned.

Politicians see the “Wiphalazo” as a political show

The governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, actually sees the “Wiphalazo” only as a political show by the government at the time with the sole aim of increasing polarization in the country and confronting the citizens. The opposition Citizen Community (CC) believes that President Luis Arce is taking on Evo Morales’ agenda.

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“Trying to justify a fact that has never been a cause for disrespect is, in my opinion, part of a political show that seeks to continue to confront citizens with something that is already a problem,” said Camacho.

The governor affirmed that “what Vice President David Choquehuanca did was punishable when he put it (the wiphala) in the pocket of the person in charge of the protocol to be secretly removed (and lifted). He is ashamed of his flag. I think it was clear to us here that the green-white-green (flag of Santa Cruz) and the red-yellow-green (flag of Bolivia) are hoisted in the (official) files ”.

The opposition MPs Marcelo Pedrazas and Alejandro Reyes criticized the president for the warnings he had issued against the opposition during the rallies for the “Wiphalazo”.

“Today, masismo has distorted the complementarity that the wiphala represents as a national symbol to turn it into a symbol of power and domination,” wrote Pedrazas.

Bald head calls ravens to protesters

The President of the Pro Santa Cruz Citizens’ Committee, Rómulo Calvo, described the participants in the so-called “Wiphalazo” as “ungrateful” and “crow” and affirmed that “a rag does nothing, a rag does not represent us”. According to an ANF report, the bourgeois leader declared that the mobilization aimed to “provoke” all regions of the country and to impose this national flag in Santa Cruz as “disrespect”.

He added: “A sheet does nothing, a sheet does not represent us (…) Our strength, our work, our exertion, what we do all day, our perseverance, our belief in God and the strength to follow To seek unity in Bolivia ”.


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