Arce condemns the 2019 police uprising and demands allegiance

In the 195th Police Act, President Luis Arce expressed his condemnation of the 2019 uprising, but also reiterated his plea to the Unit of the Order of Allegiance to the Constituted Government, calling for the Wiphala to be worn with pride and that “never again” a national symbol is burned.

In his speech, Arce argued that there is a moment of reconstruction in the country after what he called the “November 2019 coup and a de facto government that our police used to track and criminalize the life of the city and attack “designated. .

In 2019, police rioted amid the conflict that arose following allegations of fraud in the parliamentary elections in which Evo Morales ran on the basis of a ruling by the Constitutional Court despite a referendum confirming the re-election period. Events such as the burning of the Wiphala flag were recorded in the movements.

Arce said the 2019 events destroyed people’s trust in law enforcement because “some police officers” attended. He said the majority of the troops are a mother in a skirt and a father in sandals, “it is daughters and sons that the government de facto branded savages, rebels, terrorists.”

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“This is the damage caused by the police riot, the breakdown of the constitutional order and the political instrumentalization of the police as part of a de facto government that has played them off against the people,” he added.

The President reiterated that deep reflection is required within the Bolivian police force in order to face structural changes.

He recalled that the constitution stipulates that the police do not give advice or take part in party political activities, and pointed out that the regulatory body must be governed by the principles of “service to the Bolivian people, honesty, discipline, respect for the institution” and Democracy and loyalty to the constitutionally democratic and legitimately formed government “.

He called for the passage to be closed forever “for those who have disguised themselves as democrats and are trying to enforce by force what they cannot win in the elections”. The people want a “specialized, institutionalized, decolonized and depatriarchalized police force,” he said.

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Arce stated that the police must wear the tricolor and the whipala as the same pride in their uniform.

“Never again should they cut, burn, or step on a national symbol. The police should never again be confronted with the humble people they came from and must serve. The Wiphala is a symbol of our plurinationality, complementarity, consensus. ”, The identity and balance in our differences and similarities. The Whipala is a symbol of the resistance of the peoples who rise up with the Whipala to oppose all forms of To fight oppression and exploitation, it is an ancestral code that tells us to live well without racism and discrimination, “said the president.


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