Arce announces the third dose of anticovid will be used in people over the age of 60 and people with underlying medical conditions

President Luis Arce announced today that, following an analysis of the various research work carried out at international level, it has been decided to approve the use of the third dose of the anticovid vaccine for people over the age of 60 and people with an underlying disease in the country.

From Pando, where he participated in the events to commemorate the 119th

“We are taking steps to ensure that a third booster dose is given in the country to people with an underlying condition and over the age of 60. That means more than 1 million third doses are used,” said Arce during his speech.

With this in mind, the head of state pointed out that international studies were being carried out which showed an increased risk of infection in people over 60 years of age with underlying diseases, even though they had completed the full vaccination program (two doses).

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“At the international level, there are several scientific studies in which it is unfortunately found that the risk potential of people with underlying diseases and the elderly to get back into the hands of Covid-19 is extremely high,” said the state.

According to the Ministry of Health report, as of October 10th, 3,473,816 people have already received the first doses of vaccine against Covid-19; 2,588,456, the second dose and 895,876, the Janssen unit dose.

According to the report, Santa Cruz is the department with the largest number of recipients of the first dose, having reached 1,021,525 vaccinations that day, 703,671 with the second dose, and 318,057 with single doses.

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La Paz registers 830,721 vaccinations with the first dose, 610,186 with the second and 232,406 with single doses; Cochabamba 622,482 with the first dose, 491,620 with the second, and 161,956 with single doses.

Tarija presented 233,990 people vaccinated with the first dose, 195,564 with the second dose, and 33,948 with single doses; Chuquisaca 210,668 with first doses, 168,290 with second doses, and 34,882 with single doses; Potosí vaccinated 191,166 people with first doses, 146,050 with second doses and 72,090 with single doses.

Oruro has 177,367 people on first doses, 143,248 on second doses, and 32,187 on single doses; Beni with 136,095 people immunized with the first doses, 94,898 with the second doses and 10,350 with the single doses and Pando with 49,802 first doses and 34,929 with the second doses.


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