Arce and Copa inaugurate 14 vaccination sites in El Alto and invite the population

President Luis Arce and the Mayor of El Alto, Eva Copa, inaugurated 14 mass vaccination sites this Saturday to counter the spread of Covid-19, protect the health of the residents of the city of El Alto and reactivate the country’s economy. The ruling Movement to Socialism (MAS) is campaigning for at least 30,000 people in this region to be vaccinated.

“We bring equipment with us, we continue to equip the hospitals of El Alto, their intensive therapy with medication, because we don’t want more people from El Alto, more from El Alto, to die of Covid-19, we want to protect them and that is why we like to work here with our mayor to provide us President with the opening of the vaccination process.

The government decided to intervene because of the low vaccination rates in the city of Alteña, in addition to installing its own cold chain system for El Alto and “guaranteeing 30 thousand daily vaccines and medicines to speed up the vaccination process”.

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The head of state warned that it was “very important” that the people of El Alto be vaccinated because a fourth wave is coming and his government doesn’t want the country or city to reach El Alto, “that’s why we wanted to speed it up our Alteños, our Altea have high defenses and can protect themselves ”.

Copa noted that “we felt isolated and discriminated against in El Alto at one time because we did not have the necessary points to vaccinate our people; now we have them, 14 centers, 14 vaccination centers “.

Health Minister Jeyson Auza stated that the weekly vaccination ranking shows that El Alto is at the last level with 31% of the vaccination coverage and therefore, on the orders of the head of state, these numbers will be reversed with the measures taken from today.

“Every vaccine given to the El Alto brother, the El Alto sister is one less patient in the intensive care unit, just like that, El Alto folks every time you take an hour or two to go to the vaccination site to go, you avoid bringing your family to the orphan, “he said.

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The health department chief recalled that Arce had raised a target of 90% vaccination by December, an aspect that he believed could be achieved and even surpassed, but he insisted that it is important that the population be vaccinated becomes Covid-19.

“Today we are delivering 4 ventilators to El Alto, which will be installed in the Hospital del Norte so that 17 intensive care beds can be installed. We are bringing medicines and, above all, vaccines.” We are also enabling the installation of a high-tech cold room that will allow the storage of all vaccines, for there should be no more noble purpose than to protect the health and life of our people, ”he said.


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