Application for the release of the only inmate in the Las Londras case is denied

The judge on Monday denied the motion to end preventive detention of Heber C., the only one arrested near the Las Londras property in Guarayos, Santa Cruz in the case of the kidnapping and torture of journalists and police officers in October.

The Second Criminal Chamber has ratified the six-month preventive detention and pointed out that this finding cannot be changed.

Prosecutors Iván Quintanilla and Delmy Guzmán argued that Heber C. posed a threat to society based on the evidence and reports of his violent behavior as part of an armed group of hooded tyrants, El Deber reported.

The victim’s lawyer, Raquel Guerrero, considered the judiciary’s approach to be good because Heber C. posed a threat to society and the procedural risks were latent.

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Heber C.’s lawyer, César Cardona, presented the court with the certificate supporting his client as an agronomist, he also revealed that he has an agricultural company under his management and was working on site on October 28th. This certificate has been confirmed by Senasag.

The defense of the victims as well as the prosecutor’s office were severely challenged, considering that Heber C., as an alleged agricultural engineer, led an armed group of hooded men on that day to attack police officers, journalists and civilians.

The Santa Cruz Journalists ‘Association, headed by Roberto Méndez, attended the defense of journalism hearing, and I believe the member acted correctly when it came to the six months’ imprisonment of Heber C.

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