Apdhb observes abuse of power, political intolerance and the desire for revenge after the police operation in Potosí

The Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (Apdhb) issued a letter on Tuesday expressing concern over recent events in Potosí, where former civil rights activist Marco Pumari was arrested and controversial raids were carried out.

The letter is addressed to the Supreme Court, the Plurinational Constitutional Court, the Magistrate, the Attorney General and the Minister of Justice.

“In view of the recent events in the city of Potosí, the citizens of the whole country are watching with great concern, such as abuse of power, political intolerance, thirst for revenge against people who disagree with government policies, the systematic denial of constitutional rights and guarantees such as due process, natural judge , not without prior legal proceedings, the presumption of innocence and others, “said Apdhb.

For the Apdhb, what happened on the occasion of the direct arrest of Mr Marco Pumari in Potosí, without having previously been summoned by the State Ministry, let alone the charges against him, is a demonstration of deep contempt for the political, the state constitution and the The Code of Criminal Procedure referred to the rules of territorial jurisdiction, which clearly state that the person charged with a crime must be brought to justice.

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According to the letter, Pumari should have processed his residence before the court and should not have been relocated.

“However, the accused is arrested today in the city of Potosí in a spectacular and illegal night raid; he is being transferred without further explanation to the city of Betanzos, then to Uncía and Llallagua, where the pre-trial hearing took place and the arrest was ordered for six months, “said Apdhb.

Apdhb put several questions to the authorities named in the letter.

“In the two years since it began investigating the crimes now attributed to Marco Pumari and other civil leaders, has the Ministry not been able to complete its investigation? What is the reason why the Bolivian judiciary has reversed the presumption of innocence through the presumption of guilt, the application of preventive detention as an exception based on a general rule, impartiality, independence and its obligation to submit only to the constitution? , the applicable conventions and international treaties and the laws, through undisguised submission to the authorities of the other state organs? ”asked the Apdhb.

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“These and other questions arising from the Pumari case, which is certainly not the only case and, in our opinion, will not be the last, remind us of the practices of the past when Bolivia had no institutions to ensure strict compliance with the CPE “Had and had human rights treaties, for example the internment camps, the cells of political control of the 1950s, the terror of the dictatorships of the 1970s through kidnapping, torture, arbitrary detention, militarization of entire cities and other things.

“Since the institutions of the judicial system have as their first duty to guarantee the validity of the rule of law and to respond to citizens’ concerns for their freedom and security, we ask with due respect that they address each and every one of them.” . the questions raised, ”they demanded.


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